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What is the App ID?

Each app on the Shopify App Store has a unique identifier, just like orders and products. Knowing the App ID and Partner ID, we verify that you are the legitimate business owner of the app, or that you are using PartnerJam on behalf of the owner.

Why do I need to provide App ID?

We require Partner ID and App ID for validating all app installations that originate from affiliate links. We do not collect any other data, including financial information. We take privacy very seriously - in this article, you can learn more about the data we collect and how it is handled."

What is the App ID?

1. Log in to your Partner Account

2. Go to the "Apps" section and select the app you want to pair with PartnerJam

3. Check your domain in the browser and get your App ID

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Updated on: 02/10/2023

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